How to reach Anjouan ?
Several international airlines provide indirect link with Mayotte, via La Reunion, and direct with Moroni (Grande-Comore).
From there, you have two possibilities :
By plane :
The links Mayotte (Dzaoudzi) / Anjouan (Ouani) and Grande-Comore (Hahaya) / Anjouan are provided by the company Comoros Aviation.
In both cases, the flight time is approximately 40 minutes.
By boat :
The link Mayotte / Anjouan (Port of Mutsamudu) is provided.
The journey time is approximately 3 hours.

Entry Requirements :
A visa is required for non-Comorian, it is issued on arrival.

Health Precautions :
No vaccinations are required but it is required to foresee malaria tablets cons (to take 1 day before the travel, every day during the stay and for 3 weeks after leaving Anjouan).
It is strongly advised to use bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth.
Avoid block of ice.

Currency :
The official currency - Comorian franc - is printed by the Bank of France and issued by the Central Bank of the Comoros.
However the euro (banknotes only) are fully accepted as payment.
1 euro (EUR) = 491,96775 Comorian francs (KMF)

Accommodation :
Chez Ashley     Hotel Al Amal
Hotel AlkitoirHotel Comptoir de L'Île
Karama HotelLa Paillotte
Le RefugeLoulou Hotel
Moya Plage

Moving :
It is possible to rent cars locally although there is no network of rental. Taxis are also available.

To see :
The Citadel in the uppers of Mutsamudu
The Mausoleum of President Ahmed Abdallah in Domoni

Anjouan - Bouekouni

Climate :
Anjouan is a tropical island in the southern hemisphere where the maximum temperature reached 27 °C to 32 °C. The lowest are between 15 °C and 23 °C.
Two seasons : Hot and humid from December to April (the Kash-kazy) ; cooler and dry from May to November (the Koussy).

Environment :
Anjouan is a nature island, very green, covered with coconut palms, banana and other tropical trees, dominated by Mount Ntingui which peaks at 1 595 m.

Cooking :
Varied traditional dishes, fish with coconut, grilled lobster, excellent beef.

Souvenirs :
Woodworking, gold jewelry.

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