Invest in Anjouan :
Anjouan offers many opportunities for foreign investors. Several cases are particularly interesting :

- Development of productions of Anjouan (vanilla, ylang-ylang essence, cloves, etc…)
- Rehabilitation of the hydroelectric station of Tatinga,
- Development of Artisanal Fisheries,
- Development of tourism activities,
- etc...

Whether you are a service provider in those areas or investor, please contact the Chamber of Commerce of Mutsamudu which may facilitate the installation of your business in Anjouan or allow you to find partners.
More information on the procedures for creation of companies on the site eRegulations.

It is however advisable to foreign investors to mention in commercial contracts, in case of disagreement, an international organization (COMESA, International Chamber of Commerce or OHADA) will be appointed as arbitrator by the parties.

Anjouan - Mutsamudu      

Several Internet sites offer the registration of Anjouanese companies, banks, insurance companies, trusts, the obtaining of gaming licenses, the registration of ships and aircraft.
These companies, such licenses and such registrations have no legal existence.
The only body authorized to register companies in Anjouan is the Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, only the Central Bank of Comoros has the authority to issue banking licenses throughout the Union of Comoros, Anjouan included.
The registration of ships is governed by the Directorate of Maritime Transport and the registration of aircrafts by the Directorate of Civil Aviation.
All these organizations have no official representative and must be contacted directly.

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