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Anjouan is an island with an area of 424 km², located in the Mozambique Channel, between Africa and Madagascar. The population, 230 000 inhabitants, is mainly composed of Anjouaneses and some "muzungu" (the whites).
The major cities are Mutsamudu which has a deepwater port, Domoni where is located the mausoleum of President Abdallah, Ouani with the airport and Sima.
The main source of wealth is the export of agricultural products.
The cost of living is extremely low (the average monthly wage is around US$ 100).


Langues : The official languages are Shindzuani (Anjouanese), French and Arabic.
Religion : Islam (sunni)
Population Density : 542 inhabitants per km²
Constitution in force : December 23, 2001 (revised on May 23, 2009) <See in french>
Basic Law in force : March 10, 2002 <See in french>
Natural Resources : None

Exports : Cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, ylang-ylang and orange blossom spirit.

Imports :
Foodstuffs, manufactured goods, petroleum products, vehicles, electronics.

Telecommunications : Anjouan is linked to the international through phone centrals linked together by microwave. Internet is present in Anjouan since 1999. A GSM network is also in place.

Energy :
Electricity is produced by two plants, one thermal to Patsy and the other hydroelectric to Marahani.

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Anjouan has inherited the rule of law, monarchy founded in the early sixteenth century by Sultan Hassani Chirazi El Madoua. For centuries, she lived under the authority and the laws of a sovereign belonging to one or the other branches of one family, the descendants of Hassani Chirazi El Madoua.

The Salic law does not apply, the power often fell to the descendants of Hassani Chirazi. For their wedding with princes sometimes foreign to the progeny of Hassani Chirazi, they launched ''Dynasties'' which no longer bore the name of El Madoua, but whose lineal members were always, by women, descendants of the first Sultan (Dynasties El Masela and Aboubakar ben Salim).

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